Looking to Expand


I need some help. I’m looking to get in with some local builders but am not sure what to charge for just an install. A friend of mine said roofing companies get $75 to $100 per square to install a roof on a new build. I’m not sure if that is an accurate price though. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.


owners of roofing companies that come in here
would probably agree that they could make money at that
price, but I would guess that builders usually don’t hire roofing contractors to install their shingle jobs, they let the framing contractor sub it out, and those
guys will be tripping all over them selves to get half that price.


Do it for Nothing ! Thats what the builders want.
Seriously now, you shouldnt give a damn what other charge . there are plenty of guys working for nothing and striving to be the low bider.Dont’fall into the trap know your costs and sell and install quality.


in P.A. the going rate for new const. is 35.00-50.00 for labor, staples,and nails… builder supplies materials. Also they want liability and comp. for those rates,lol…a few years back it was 50.00-75.00 just liability…amazing what a few years,and a doat load of illegals do for an area…


The Mexicano’s in my area will gladly put on a new roof for $25-30 per square for steep roofs. On the same roofs with tear off needed they’ll do it for $50-60 per square.

Never seen one do good work and they keep the local quality roofing contractors busy with repairs.

I get paid more for new stuff than what the Mex get paid for tear offs. My brother had a contractor who uses only Mex underbid him on new stuff by over half.


Up here in BC its little white boys who roofed one summer then buy truck and ladder and undercut all the exp. roofers…really pisses me off!!then some of the exp, roofers fall for it and start underbidding…its so f#@$% stupid pretty soon your not makin anything,dont get it.