Looking for roofing advice


I’m looking for advice on a new roof for our house on the east end of LOng Island NY.

The details, the house has two single slope sections of 2/12 pitch with new installed decking. One section is aprox 18sq the other aprox 3sq. 4 penetrations in the larger section

I like the look of standing seam metal but so far the estimates I’ve gotten are IMO insanely high (1500-1700) for coated steel. Never even bothered to ask for copper. After that I’ve been looking at GAF Everguard TPO with the glued on standing seam profiles but I’ve called several roofers but no luck finding anyone that has installed it before or willing to do it (commercial projects only).

EPDM is not the look I prefer and asphalt shingles don’t come recommended bc of low slope.

Can anyone confirm that the estimates for standing seam are way high and what would be more reasonable?

Or should I consider DIY? I’ve been reading up on this but am not convinced yet even with the simple design of the roof. A manual and videos make things look a lot easier than real life.

Advice or alternatives are greatly appreciated.



I am assuming that the (1500-1700) is a typo, and you meant 15,000?

depending on the accuracy of your measurements, assuming that you are correct at 2100 sq ft in two sections, depending on the specific manufacturer
of the standing seam metal roof, and the quality of the metal particularly, I would think that you could get that work done in the $475-625/ square range. A properly installed 5v crimp metal roof could possibly
be installed in the 375-500 range, depending on the preparation requirements. Least expensive being a go-over the existing.

SA (self adhered) modified roll roofing has come a long ways from the torch and roll systems, and color selection might be something you can live with…
warranties are available for adequately designed systems…

pictures would be helpful


Thanks for the reply.

The estimates I got were aprox $1500-$1700 per square ($32000 and $35000 for the job)!!I also received an estimate for EPDM of $14000. The area I live is known for high prices but these estimates are very far from what I see here on this forum.

Attached is a picture of a scale model of our house. Not professionally made and a little rough but accurate. The flat roof section is new (1yr old)EPDM.



I personally do not like standing seam unless used only as a accent (flatter roof porches ect.).

However if the going rate here in the NE is $1,400- $1600 per square on that simple roof I’m going to buy a machine!

I don’t know if there is anybody out there doing the standing seam but… HO calls and asks for a price for standing seam I never say no, I only make the appointment and present the 30 year Cambridge sample knowing I can get my top dollar for my product as they have just been shell shocked by he metal option.
It is a easy to sell against standing seam when I show pictures of what a painted roof looks like 5, 6 years down the road (like leaving your car out in the weather an never washing it), and if the HO has spent time and money on landscaping only to have it crushed by falling snow/ ice in the winter- or vehicles.

Don’t get me wrong, I think standing seam on a barn in the middle of a field is a great choice!

The model shown would look great with a steeper slope all cut up, but thats just me.


if your getting that much a sq. for metal on that slope :shock:


you need more slope for metal.
stick with a flat roof product.
you askin for trouble with metal.



As much as you might not like the looks of
epdm roofing, TPO, or I am assuming any of the other
sheet goods roofing products…How often do you expect to be flying over your property to even see it?

please take this comment in the jest that it is being given…" Walter Gropius called, he wants his blueprints back!!"


if you are even considering doing it yourself…double your highest estimate. youll have to buy the equiptment to install it.


GAF.com and click on locate a contractor to find a certified installer.


Thanks all, I had expected more support for the metal roof. It looks like the installers I contacted feel the same way, by giving me ridiculously high bids on the job trying to steer me towards an alternative. The look does make a difference even though I have not learned how to fly just yet. Coming up to house all you see is the left side and bc it’s low single story the large sloped section of the roof is very visible.

As far as the GAF TPO, I called 6 of the listed certified residential installers, none had ever installed it before. So I called GAF and they directed me to the commercial installers. Called several of them and no interest as of yet. Checked with the local roofing supply to see if they had ever sold the rubber standing profiles but no luck. Just to get an idea I got a price on materials. Not cheap, TPO is about three times the price of EPDM and the glue on standing seams would add $3K materials alone!!!

Anyone care to give me a bid on a welded stainless steel roof. That should solve all my problems. No paint, lasts forever, looks great. All in good fun of course.

BTW Joseph Eichler called about the plans as well. Allthough he is wondering why I left out the atrium


The stand seam metal roof is an excellent choice. It will outlast the asphalt roof 3 times. With inflation and the rising cost of asphalt products (they doubled last year) your cost for a roof PER YEAR will be less with a metal roof.

If you go with steel, you will have to do maintenance. The paint warranty for most manufactures is 25-35 years. Of course it is less exspensive to repaint than replace.

You can go with copper or stainless steel or zinc. These are maintenance free.


I spoke with one of my distributor reps today
and was told that Fabral will sell a steel standing seam roof with a warranty for down to a 1/12 pitch.
I recommend a quality membrane under this system.
Grace Ice & Water is my preferred choice.
Delivered lengths up to 40 ft. I am sure your getting buried with calls to do this roof!! If your still
taking bids…I am listed in the directory in Maine…
The Bay Company




**The estimates I got were aprox $1500-$1700 per square **

Sounds about right to me… Depends on the system used I guess. It’s also silly to try and get people to ball park prices here because price changes dramatically depending where you live. I’ve done ATAS systems before and got 1,500ish per square (I’m in Westchester N.Y.). You get what you pay for.

IMO do a 3 layer torch applied on that roof; it’s durable as hell and you’ll never see it anyways. The reason commercial guys are not hot for your business is because they are used to doing jobs 100s of squares in size. They make butt loads of money off a single job without having to deal with a nit-picky home owner. TPO is not generally a residential application. GAF does make a peel and stick TPO system now…I have never used it however.

Not for nothing but —> advice! Not advise…


what’s happening with your research on
finding a roofer?


I’m a state certified florida roofing contractor.
Our codes are more strict than any other state.

Im pretty sure your county would accept my license.

I could put on a 24g standing seam kynar painted roof that would last you untill you pass away for 18k.
I would be thankfull for the amount of overhead/profit too.

The job would be perfection.

need pics?


man roof-lover , youll put a standin seam on that near flat roof. i see you aint sceared.
i beleive you could do it.
still scary to me.



I would be putting a standing seam roof over a fully adhered membrane system, woven into the edge metals and ridge designs. There’s a lot of transition flashings in this job, according to the plans…if it’s an existing structure, which I assume it’s NOT because
there’s not pictures, then tying into an existing siding/ trim detail gets a little dicey.
If it gets too complicated, you might as well go to flat seamed and soldered copper…