Looking for lifetime flat roof membrane

Does anyone know of a true lifetime (30-50 years) material for a flat roof. List the best that are available if you would. Thank you.

Copper flat panels

I didn’t know that you could do FLAT panels. I thought you needed a pitch.

Yes there are flat soldered copper roofs.

Where are you located?

80 mil Sarnafil or equivalent IB roof may serve your purpose well.

coal tar pitch can last 40 years or more. EPDM can go pretty long as well with some maint.

4lb lead, 36" rolls with a double welt on top of a 2 1/2" ridge roll, after coat of patination oil. 200yrs plus. Easy.

.080 sarnafil will go 20 yrs at best.i have installed coal tar in the 60’s that are still on buildings today.your best bet is copper.

Depending on your location copper may be a poor choice. Acid rain will destroy a copper roof in quick time. Saw one in Richmond VA that I figured on first look was 20-30 yrs old and it was barely 5. Copper is also way more expensive now.

Thats why in the city is best to use 20 oz. lead coated. big $$ right now though.

IB roofing membrane will last 30 - 50 years when installed properly.