Looking for a way to map potential jobs

We are a small but growing roofing company in Western Washington and I’m looking for a specific software program or app. In our company, there are 3 of us that go out to measure/bid jobs. We take a couple dozen calls a day and probably have 5-10 sites to visit each weekday. We’re in a rural area so our bids are spread all over the map. I’ve been searching for a way to have our bids/potential jobs up on a map so that we can tell the general area of each site. There’s nothing worse than leaving a bid and heading back to the office only to find out that I was right by a job that could have been measured on the same trip. I went to the Western States roofing convention (2019) and couldn’t find anything that would work there… They all want to sell programs that do “everything” for you but I’m not interested in handing a finished proposal to the customer 5 minutes after meeting them or easy material lists on my phone. I simply want a map that is simple to use, update, and share between 3-4 people. Thank you in advance if anyone has any ideas.

Do you have all your calls set before you head out for the day?
If so, map on a piece of foam and use pegs. Old school but works

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Most of the time we have them all figured out before leaving the office but not always. Our calls are coming in at different times so quite often our secretary will field a few calls while we are out bidding jobs. The perfect situation would be an app for our phones that is updated as soon as she types them in at the office.

Just did demos with jobnimbus and acculynx, acculynx had nice mapping features.

Thank you I will check them out. Jobnimbus was actually at the show in Vegas but to me it sounded like their map was an afterthought instead of a focus. I’m sure that some of the other features would be beneficial but for now, just looking for a map. I’ll give Jobnimbus a call this afternoon and see what I was missing when talking with them at the show. Thanks MPA

I think acculynx had nice mapping capabilities

I would say one of the canvassing/mapping apps such as Spotio or Sales Rabbit. There are also mapping apps where you can export addresses from your CRM and import them into the mapping app.

Google Earth works pretty well for something very simple. Another cool thing is you can set the pins to all sorts of different things (repairs=red, repeat client=green). You can save import/export addresses so you can view them all up at a later date. Great feature if you want to see the most common area’s your calls come from for mailers etc.

You can also try Google Map and just keep adding each stop in driving directions. Once you have them entered to view pins, you can simply re-order them. You can save them in Google Map as well. Also keep in mind that if you use Google Calendar (after sorting your routes) you can go into your cell phone google map calendar and view todays stops via maps.

Job Progress is packed full of stuff you’re not interested in but if your trying out CRM’s give them a shot.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll post as soon as we’ve picked something that works well and why.

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Consider using Google form. I don’t use Google Earth but you find out if there is a way to use both.

Google Form is free (each person needs a free Google account) and updates in real time with internet connections.

As long as you have gmail accounts and good internet connections, Google Form can be used for your needs.