Looking for a reliable laborer

we are a small, professional roofing company that is seeking a strong intelligent laborer. the name of our company is Superior Roofing. we are located in Portland Me.
roofing experience not necessary.
a team oriented person with a positive attitude and attention to detail a must!
our company is fully insured, a member of the better business bureau, certified Certainteed master shingle applicater.
it is important to note that we are not desperate and therefore we are able to be a little particular about the individuals that we choose to join our team.
for those interested please contact:

              mike powers
              home phone#- 207-541-9499
              cell phone#- 207-318-9736

It is important for you to know that I am not desperate for a job.
I need you to sell me on your company. What else do you bring to the table? Why should I work for you and not your competitor? Will you make me rich?

Do I have to roof or can I get a desk job? Can I work from home?


well you definately will not get rich. infact all the rich positions have been taken in life. we are looking for a laborer. in our area a laborer starts off at 10 to 12 an hr. if he is good/ reliable, he will jump right to 15 hr. if an individual stays on and commits to us and the company, then we groom him into shingling, and ultimately pay by the job. it isn,t about getting rich. it is about being comfortable, having a job, working with a great boss that is more than fair and not a rip off.