Looking for a good professional on the weekend?

my name is rob and i would like to work for you. i’ve have been involved with roofing my whole life. mainly residential. i am a master shingle applicator as well as a quality master certified by the certainteed company. i’ve worked for the family business for 10+ years and would like to get my own thing started on the side. i currently am a laborer/ estimator. as far as my labor goes. i can shoot on 15 sq. on a top loaded, walkable roof in a day. i can hand bang maybe 10 toploaded walkable. i’m also experienced in .060 e.p.d.m. rubber roofing, as well as fabral metal roofing. as far as the estimating goes, i’d say my sales/lose are about 50/50. i strictly try to deal with only certainteed shingles because i’ve had the best results with them. i mainly offer the integrity roof system with a 5star sure start plus coverage, when possible.i’d say i lose alot of jobs because in my area i deal with alot of old farmers who could care less about an “integrity roof system” when all they need is a “roof” so they go the cheapest route. and then the guy calls me to repair his roof b/c he can’t get ahold of the guys who put it on. and the jobs i do lose are only by about $200. and that sucks. so basically, if your company is involved with any thing that i have mentioned, and are looking for a good, honest, hard working man for possible weekend work,my e-mail is rrighter79@yahoo.com and my # is 614-332-1844. i’d love to help you help me!

pssst… Your city and state would be helpful. I mean I could google your phone number but I’m feeling lazy.

It must be a cell #, because it did not show anything on Google.

I think that area code is either Michigan or Ohio, but I think Ohio. I used to do work for a GC out of the Columbus area and that sounds familiar.


central ohio

im confused…you want to start your own thing, but at the same time you are looking to work for someone else (while you still work for the family biz. on top of it).

Boyz, I’m gonna clue you into something that will help you in ways you just don’t know.


Enter the NPA (area code) & then the NXX (1st 3 digits after the area) & 1 additional digit.

If the phone # is owned by a cellular provider, you’ll find out who it is.

If it’s an unlisted #, then you’ll see a local landline provider.

You’re welcome.

if you worked for me on new construction top loaded on a 8\12 you could possible make 810 dollars a day.

if i put you on a reroof you be making around 1215 dollars if you could put down 45 bundles. I ussually pay by the bundle. And you be still making me money. But i guess none of that help you does it cuz i live in Canada.
I hope yur search goes well.

If what yur saying is all true you make a pretty awsome roofer.