List of prices?!


I am new to the roofing business. I have been asked many times for a list of how much I charge for certain jobs. I have no clue how much to charge because I have worked as the underdog. I live in the state of Illinois what are your recommendations of how much I should charge. We have a roofing license and insurance. I am not sure how much I should charge for what please help!


Explain to Homeowners when asked that prices vary based on conditions and all charges will vary based on each circumstance, be honest.

I’ve only been in business for 11 years but I’ve learned the application homeowners prefer is good, better best pricing, options pricing, and or monthly payment pricing on replacing an existing roof, homeowners want choices. There is no way I could make a price list because prices change based on the market, materials cost, supply/demand for labor and ever-changing new technology that will increase overall cost.

Are you better or worse than most roofers in your area, determine your values, standards, and practices. If you set your standards high, treat every home you work on as if it was your home, treat each Homeowner with respect, not BS and price becomes less of an issue
You have to start with basic business management to begin if you’re not savvy hire someone that is savvy. Ask yourself, what are my strength and weaknesses, build on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses to others or become stronger in those areas.
Got to go, for now, I’ll respond later if you have any questions or with repair pricing if needed.
Good Luck,
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You may only be 11 years in but you have a great perspective and I’m guessing you will have success.


Start by determining your costs. Write everything down to detail, labor and materials. Starting out, if you know all your costs, total them, divide by 60. Keep detailed records of how your estimate compares to reality. Won’t take long, you’ll figure out where you need to be on jobs to make the profit you want. Just don’t undersell what you do. There’s a good working wage and then there’s what you need to build, grow and sustain your business. If all you do is make enough to pay yourself well, you’ll eventually go under.