Liquid roof


liquid roof???


I am only slightly annoyed and amused when he post liquid roof for everything even when the product doesn’t apply for the particular subject.

But i dont think he should get the boot because of it.
I’m thinking this thread will send the message home.

On the other hand, I don’t think members should start polls asking to ban other members.

Have fun with it, like that post from roofboy(i think)
Who recommended liquid roof at the end of a thread.
I laughed so hard.


He is just trying to push his crap.
In a slow economy like this, quick fix crap sells pretty well.


Now see? If you treated yourself to some decent tools, you wouldn’t get frustrated so easy :wink:

I hear you though, it was getting a bit thick.

Hopefully just a slap on the wrist (like I got) and he’ll try to be cool about it.

It would be a shame to stifle new innovations and be stuck with (hand tools) forever. On the other hand, I do appreciate that it’s nice to be not glutted with adds.


Just want to let you know guys that he already received a warning for posting ads. Still got no reply from liquid roof though .


maybe he got stuck in his own goop! :lol:


To roofbutcher:

Man, you gotta fix your site - it looks half-a$$, loads very slow, and images are missing… links don’t work, etc. Post your videos on YouTube and embed the code - it is much more effective than downloads…

Or better yet, just re-do the site…

Overall, it looks so 1998, that I would think 2x times before buying something there. No hard feelings please :slight_smile:

About Liquid Roof - i don’t know what quality is their product, but they got some serious web promotion going… you guys should be doing something similar… well, maybe not spam, but do some SEO…

To Liquid Roof:

If you are posting your links for SEO purposes, it is useless - don’t waste your time and our brain cells.

If you actually get sales from here, then good for you.

Have a good weekend all :mrgreen:


Hi LaMetal

Don’t sweat it, I know my site looks like sh&! Thanks for helping out. Nice looking products, btw.



Yes it was in jest. I couldn’t help myself after reading 2 posts promoting it. :mrgreen:



To Roofbutcher:

BTW, i finally got videos to work, and it actually seems like you have an interesting product. Can i Beta-test it? :mrgreen:

If not :slight_smile: … then how much would it be to ship it to Mass?

Also, you should sell through distribution - I’ll talk to my Alside guy… maybe we can get them here locally…


Hi LaMetal,

Shipping is a flat $7.

Building these tools a few dozen at a time in my garage after a day’s roofing, I think I can get away with posting them at a halfway decent price. Build another jig and sharpen up a pencil, and eventually I’ll achieve a proficiency which permits wholesaling. AJC is waiting for this, btw.

Ultimately, a manufacturer’s licensing deal could yield the most service to my fellow roofers with the lowest prices. In the meantime, this is the best I can do for you.