Liability insurance

We’re looking for our first policy, and got a quote of $4200 for $1 mil for coverage through a risk retention group (unrated). Does this seem reasonable for southern california. Will general contractors and public works accept this “risk retention group” coverage?

I do not know how it is for California or any other state in this nation but I do know that in the state of Oregon that there are only four insurance firms that are writing contractor liability insurance for contractors who have to register with the Construction Contractors Board in Salem, Oregon. Just four insurance companies for the whole state. No wonder they get to charge whatever they want-legalized robbery is what it is. Heck, it is cheaper to get a bond this year than last-how about that.

can you givfe me the contact info for that company
i pay that for $100k

The reduced cost is probably because of it being quoted through a risk retention group policy, with a new enrollment. I personally like Risk Retention policies.

what is this risk retention all about??