Level of difficulty


so i recently had a complete new asphalt arc shingles install(gaf timberline) there were a few shingles that i thought needed replaced. they were a little excessively curled on the ends. so i contacted the company/owner and he said he’ll come out and take a look. fast forward a few days later and he did. i also told him a saw a few shiners when checking things out. so he patched those up with a little cement came back down and said he would be back to swap those shingles out. so today he shows back up and all he did was put some sealant to help it seal better. i said to him " i thought you told me you would swap them out" his response was "oh that would be hard to do and then you would have nail holes and blah blah. now i will say these few issue ones are on a section that they would need to be trimmed to size. ie: it wouldn’t be a simple complete single “sheet” swap out if you will. my question is…am i being played as a fool or is there some merit to his words. i’ve seen plenty of you tube vids where they show you how to do it and it certainly doesn’t look to bad. however, like i said this is in somewhat of a tight spot, but still a pro would have no problem correct?


While its not that difficult to swap out a couple shingles (provided they are not Owens corning with the outrageous sealing tar strip), its likely not necessary. How do the shingles look now that its been a few days. They probably just didn’t have enough sun to relax and lay down yet.


Are you wanting to punish the guy or are you most interesting in it functioning and looking good? If the latter, and that is now accomplished, let it go. If you think it is so simple to do, grab a couple of shingles, blade and hammer and give it a try. Let us know how that works out for you.

I hate to sound like sour grapes but there are so many bad roofers out there who leave legitimate problems to fix, it sucks to see too much nit picky BS. With that said, I would have asked our guys to swap out the shingles just to avoid an argument and hard feelings. But if you asked for any favors we might normally provide, I’d have shown you a quote and change order.


problem is he never should have said “i’m going to replace some shingles that aren’t quite laying down as they should.” calls me today saying been over to house and all is good except water heater vent stack.(other issue not worth discussing). so i’m thinking cool, and i get home to see no new shingles. he even had extra shingles and his installer this time with him so yeah it’s a little irritating.


If this is the sole complaint you have about your roof, you should be reasonably happy. Perhaps when he got up there, he saw it was going to be easy to fix without replacing the shingles.