Leave gutters (and guards) on when replacing shingles?

Sorry about the bad picture, but can you leave the gutters in place when re-shingling a roof? The roofers got done yesterday. I went up to have a look and this got me to thinking. I’m not sure if they even removed the screen-type gutter guards while they were working.

They left the old drip edge on. Is that acceptable?

I removed one section of gutter guard. I could post more pictures.
Is this OK?
Edit - The roofing company owner came by to do finishing touches and inspect the work. He is also going to remove the old silicone and re-seal the gutter joints. He said it would have been a lot more work to remove the gutters, so they left them on and used the existing drip edge. He said that is not uncommon. He’s out there now, working.

Yes, it is common to leave the gutters in place.
Normally they are not in our way to replace the roofing.
I only remove the gutter if i need to replace some rotten fascia wood behind it.
We do replace the eve metal.
We do have it written to replace in our contract.
But it is not required to do so.
And another contractor may feel he doesnt need to replace it.

Also, sometimes i am forced to leave the eve metal no matter what because it is incased in a pool screened enclosure.

I remember my first few years in roofing.
I would offer the homeowner to save the eve metal to save money.
That is because it made my job easier
And i didnt really know or care about cosmetics.
Now i am all about cosmetics.
In fact when i first started, galvanized eve metal was more the standard than painted eve metal.
I would tell the homeowner- you can paint it any color you like.
Most of the time they didnt and it would look dingy in a short time.

Now i am all about cosmetics.
I dont give the homeowner a chance to save money on that.
I want their house to look as good as possible to attract the neighbors to my company.


If the drip is in good shape and you have gutters,there is minimum benefit to replacing it.
As Roof lover mentioned, new drip does look nicer. But since you have gutters,aesthetics shouldn’t be as big of an issue.
Usually we only remove the guards if they are they in the way