Leaking roof/skylight

I have a leak somewhere around my skylight that I repaired late last year with Henry"s plastic roof cement. It did not leak until this year after the weather got cold. How do I go about patching it now? The temp was down to 18 last night. We have asphalt shingles and the skylight is 4’x4’, seems to be acrylic, is 15 years old and is cracked on the corners and around some of the nail holes holding it on. I used the Henry’s plastic roof cement for the cracks in the skylight too las year.

Roof cement is only a quick fix,do have any pics? You may need to reinstall some flashing. What part of the country are you in? Is there snow on the roof?

Take it out and re-flash it.

Sounds like you have a plastic bubble, and there is no flashing…if the roof is 15 yrs old it is close to replacement anyway,so I would replace it with a Veloux skylight…once you tar it it is junk…those skylights are 75.00 to replace…but you would have to take out all the shingles around it and hat is the problem with an old roof,you will break more shingles than you need too to get the job done…


Geocel 2315 LT will fix it for you.

Roof cement is only a tempory fix if you do not know what you are doing.