Leaking roof help


my laundry room never leaked before my ex decided the over hang was to long so he cut it off reall really short, now this year when we started getting a lot of rain my ceiling now leaks bad and it gets worse every time it rains, would it be from to over hang being gone?


Yes, that is very likely your issue. Post some pics if you want better advise on what to do.


It’s bad it’s been leaking for 6 months, but anytime I try to tell someone that’s what I think is wrong they same I’m wrong and that water can’t run up but I’ve pu 2 5 gallon buckets of the white stuff on the roof to stop it from leaking and it haven’t helped and it doesn’t leak anywhere else in my house just my laundry room


I mean pictures of the outside roof structure. Pics of the inside are of no help in your situation. And sorry to say that smearing “white stuff” is unlikely to solve your problem either.


Have called a roofer to come out and take a look? Was your ex a roofer? He
would of had to take off shingles to cut the wave back or should of. Ive
seen guys who don’t know roofing cut the tops off shingles to slide them up
under instead of flat barring up the next course.
Also seen leaks where no starter corse was used and a short or no drip edge
and water was just pouring in.
Will know better with exterior pics


I will get pics as soon as I get home and no he is not a roofer he’s an idiot lol




I don’t see any issue in the overhang itself. But very possible in the process of tearing off the overhang he damaged the roofing above while prying up. Could also be possible that the roof is simply just shot. Would need to see pics of the roof itself around where you suspect the water is coming in.


Maybe leaking around the dish brackets?
A non-roofer definitely would not know what to do.
We remove the dish, install new roofing
And re-install the dish right back through the old screw bolt holes.


The roof Was redone maybe 4 years ago, and leak is way worse on the opposite end of the dish, I was wondering if I put gutters up if that may help


And there’s like 8 or so different spots where it’s leaking from all over the room


Is there shingles or rolled roofing on that roof?


Shingles, I just don’t know why it’s just in that room lol


No I doubt gutters will help. He most likely damaged some areas of the roof while tearing off the overhang. As said we would need to see pics of the roof itself to be able to know better.


That roof pitch looks like it is a low pitch . If it is , and has shingles on it it will leak like a sieve. You would need to put a single ply type roof on it , either modified bitumen . Torch applied, or cold process


I see 3 issues and a possible 4th ,the 4th could be the shingles weren’t nailed properly and your husband’s foot traffic could have caused a dozen " nail pops " ,which would account for leaks in 8 different spots ,the next issue I see in a seriously low slope of what looks to me to be a 2/12 pitched roof,which is too flat for any shingle ,the 3rd issue I see is that rotten satalite dish the idiot installers always glob useless silicone around ,poor installed dish brackets could be the leak ,we need pictures from the roof level ,it would be great if you could stand on a ladder that’s even with the roof gutter line and take a picture looking a against the laps of every shingle ,that will show us any nail pops .


no drip edge on recover looks like 3 layers unlafull in most states