Wondering if anyone has used Service Magic or any other of these lead generating type businesses. If so, what are you thoughts? Did you have success? Thanks.

Answered my own question…went to pissed off consumer.com. NOT GOOD,lol…

I am not sure how bit your company is but my company uses Data Fax and Reed Construction Data. They are very good. It is 80% new construction and its all commercial.

I use Quality smith. Since I started 4 years ago. Nice when your slow. Carried me thru a couple of winters. They call you with a lead. I ask them for some details on the lead, and If I decide I want it I take it. 75.00 per lead. Get maybe 1 a month some times more. U can give them a list of towns you want to work in. You bid against 2 or 3 other companies. Ive gotton some nice jobs out of them.

They are expensive, and NO success

Did a trail with Service Magic a couple years ago. When a lead came in from my area they texted me the details without giving names numbers, etc. Decided for $40-50 per lead it wasn’t worth it.

Know of a contractor who uses the service and gets jobs from it. The key may be to be there asap.

Service Magic is tricky to work with.

I put up 6’x12’Billboard,canvased over 100 flyers and 50 buis. cards and am on merchant circle.com,yellow book.com,google search,and web site is getting visits, and 1 call in 3 weeks. Service magic is my only caller,besides slow suppliers that are looking for sales. Dead area! And King William thinks it is bad,lol…

I think all that phonebook.com crap is just that… bunch of crap. People still look in the real phone book.

I agree Marshall,but could not make the yellow pages this year. It has slimmed down to 6 pages 2 full page 2 1/2 pages and the little adds on the rest . Lats year there were 8 full page 4 1/2pages 2 1/4 pages and 3 little add pages. Just shows that there were too many roofers advertising. Most of the #s were disconnected.
My wife has a sight that she goes on,and she did a pole of who uses what to find a Proffesional service,and Goole was the most popular.over 85%.