Laying shingles considerations needed?

Hi guys, the roof line on the garage is 1 inch longer over a 17ft span. Is there any considerations I need to think about before chalking up my line for my first course of shingles?

How will that effect the reveal vs the ridge cap once I get to the last row?

Thank you, always appreciated

Just to be clear, the line is not straight at the ridge. If I start the shingles from the left, I get an extra inch of ridge over the 17ft span.

I would shrink the larger side 1/8” over 8 rows to account for the 1”.


Very sorry but I dont quite understand what you mean.

Thought it was just me.

8 courses from the ridge, drop the short side an 1/8" per course to standard reveal on the 1" + side. Can’t make it simpler than that!


Islandroofing is correct. Starter and first course should follow the overhang of the eave, so it looks good. 17ft up the slope, puts you at about 35 courses, depending on the shingle. Professionals pop lines for the top of the headlap. Since you are a novice, I’d do what Islandroofing suggested. Drop the second course, short side a little every other row. I would cheat a 1/4" and no one will see it. Chalk your line from nothing, across the reveals, lead edge.

Island you are an ultra conscientious roofer to use 1/8” increments. I would also adjust accordingly but would be happy with 1/2” per course and would probably do it by feel rather than chalk lines(not recommended for beginners). I respect you for how detail oriented you are.

Got it!!!

Cant Thank you gents enough…