Large Roofing Company put a Lien on my house


Hurricane Erma destroyed 2/3’s of my shingles. I battled with my insurance company who wanted to give me $4000 for my 2500’ roof for 7 months and got nowhere. FEMA radio adds said not to sign over the insurance claim to a roofing contractor… but no roofing contractor would even give me an estimate until you sign over your benefits first.

Needless to say a roofing contractor said they’d fight for me since my policy was to cover roof, Lanai roof and fence. They didn’t even bother and just did my roof. When the sales woman was at our house she made every promise in the world and I believed her. I gave her over $700 cash for my $500 deposit and a little more that $250 for a shingle upgrade.

She didn’t give me a receipt but said everything would come in the mail. After the roof was done and I begged for them to come back over and over to repair stuff they sent me a bill for my deposit and trumped up bill for wood installed. They filed a lien against me. I WILL NOT PAY.

What recourse do I have?

To roofers… you won’t like this, but I was cheated. Where can I complain and give it right back to them? It’s not fair and I’ve never been more angry in my life. I need advice.


It sounds like you need some advice from a lawyer. Your determination to not pay may not hold up in a court proceeding.


Agree with Ohio, contract, lien, and insurance laws vary by state. You Need to talk with a laywer familiar with local laws.


Thank you for the advice. It’s not fair. What’s the point to trying to do the right thing in life. I am starting a potition in my subdivision. Last night I got 11 signatures from people who dealt with Noland’s Roofing over Hurricane Erma that felt they were taken advantage of. It took me less than hour. I’m taking Friday off work and am going to canvas everyone near by. I’m tired of being walked on.


Good job. If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Keep your resolve when the fire dies down.


Do not pay more for a lawyer and throw good money after bad. Be reasonable with your requests to a judge. Ask for just what is owed to you in any fair observers eyes. This will go a long way with any judge.

Never Never pay anyone anything without getting a reciept that explains what the payment is for with great specificity. Run from anyone who is not willing to give you one. Always pay with a credit card, this affords you much more protection in the laws eyes. And I say this being a roofing company owner for 30 yrs. I make a lot of money coming in after crap roofers but I still wish they were out of the picture. I protect homes,furniture,keepsakes, important memories and paperwork and peoples entire business and income with the roofing I install.
We should be a very highly thought of profession, but because of some real criminal flim flam types in my profession we are thought of as shady characters. I have to prove otherwise on every job we have not been personally reffered to.