Landmark Premium vs Presidential and fair price


My hip roof is 24 squares with a 5/12 pitch. I’m looking for a good contractor to remove the cedar shake, install 1/2" cdx, water and ice in valleys and eves, titanium 30udl underlayment, with all metal and flashing. I’m debating on whether to go with the Premium or Presidential. Price difference is $1,000.

I want to know roofers thoughts on what would be a fair price range per square for the Premium and Presidential. I also want to hear peoples opinion one product over the other. If you prefer GAF, let me know why.


NO other shingles are better than what you are picking out. Go with the presidential shakes if you are looking for that type of look. It will be harder to see due to the lower pitch of your home. You will never get the full effect unless you are across the street. Just a suggestion if you are going this far with the roof why not finish it off with copper valleys and flashing? Copper like will hold the color for a long time, im not saying its inexpensive im just saying its an option. The presidental should be hand nailed. ANd let me warn you the company installing them you want to see the work they did on other homes with this shingle. It is by far the hardest shingle to install. The 50 year is just snap a couple of lines and away you go.


heres one install of presidential i am just finishing just to give you idea of what the look like installed.


Thanks. That is helpful. I have seen photos of his work and talked to several people that installed the same product. The small company has been around since 1997 and he seems honest and trustworthy.

What would be a fair price per square for the Presidential?


I would consider the Landmark TL Ultimate with new Max Def rather than the Premiums.

I recently bid on a 48sq 7/12 with 419ft of ridge and 255ft of valley.

The bid was priced at Landmark Premium with double Shadow Ridge as the base shingle used.
Landmark TL’s were $3K more
Presidential Shakes were $4K more
Presidentail Shake TL’s were $8K more
Grand Manor’s were $9K more.

On the recommendation of the home owners exterior decorator they decided on Landmark TL Cumberland.

The roof turned out great and the owners were very happy with the choice. One of there neighbors had the Presidential Shakes.

The Presidential Shakes are nice shingles but the patterns going up at angles bother me, there is no way around it.


thanks for the reply, so what is a fair ballpark figure per square for the landmark tl and presidential?


IMO It is not fair to bid the job per square. There are many factors that come into play.

If you go with a lifetime shingle be sure to use lifetime accessories. Nothing would be worse than spending the extra money on a lifetime shingle and not having the proper accessories to complement it. For example I have seen roofs that are 25 years old fail due to the nails heads rusting off, or the chimney flashing leaks when the metal rusts out or the thin aluminum gives up. Be sure to use stainless or copper for all of your metal accessories. Make sure the wood deck is in perfect condition. Make sure the ventilation is proper. 50 years is a long time.


proper ventilation? I have soffit vents and gable vents right now. I will have ridge vents installed. Should I close off gable vents in attic? If so, how should it properly sealed off?


go with the landmark TL. Presidentals suck .


If you go through my post with the following number you will be able to figure per square for the upgrade options.

The price with the Landmark Premium and double ridge was $29K and some change.

Of course these prices were in MN and the $29K came after talking the insurance provider into paying an additional $9K on the roof claim.


You can seal off the gable vents from the inside. This can be done very simply with plywood and insulation or expanding foam.