Labor costs difference for Grand Manor shingle


I am thinking about putting Grand Manor shingles on my house (under constr.). I told my roofer and not only are the shingles substantially more expensive (as I expected)but he told me the labor would be TRIPLE what he was going to charge me for 30 yr arch. shingle.
I asked him to explain the cost difference and he came up with nothing. Really, he had no answer expect to tell me that everyone would charge the same.
Can anyone tell if there really should such a cost differential and what factor it should be over a standard or arch. shingle ? Thanks.


Well for one its 3 times heavier, thus cutting picking up basically everything is 3 times harder. Also the valleys must be in metal or copper and thats not cheap by any means. Copper your looking at about 38 bucks a foot and aluminum somewhere in the 19-21 a foot. If you go copper there you basically have to use copper everywhere so it looks correct. Then there are the copper nails that need to be used. Its a long list but yes for me to put that shingle on a house with a tear off on a walkable roof im somewhere in the 600 a square park. About 535 for new construction.

Oh yea make sure the roofer is certified thru certianteed so you can get a 5 star warranty and that will give you a 50 year warranty on everything, materials, labor, tearoff, dump and workmaship. Thats a 5 start warranty on a lifetime shingle. This will also include fiberglass felt, winterguard ice and water shield. Just some food for thought.


Its not a shingle that most roofers have ever used. So its going to slow the production down alot. But 3 times is excessive. He’s probably just wishing that you dont want those things and use the 30 yr dim that he installs every week.


I figure when i seel something like that it will take atleast 2 times longer, more expensive materials and more materials. SO they normally pay more for that shingle. 2 50 year roofs this year and 1 lifetime. The life time was i think when said and done around 675 a square on a 12/12 3 layer.


Grand Manors and Carriage House’s are a premium shingle that take more labor to put on.
They are like 3-tabs in the sense that they need to be aligned horizontally and vertically.
The more cut up your house the longer it will take to install them.
They are harder to handle in general.
It is a lifetime product so more attention needs to go into all the details.
This probably entails replacing all of your flashing and removing and replacing siding as you go, to facilitate this.
It is not a good idea to try and reuse the old flashing, it isn’t big enough.
You will need metal valleys for this roof, 20 oz copper preferably (16 oz min), colorclad steel, or thick gauge aluminum.
Copper is extremely expensive and the others aren’t exactly cheap.

My labor rate is about double for shingles like this, but there are always extras for chimney’s, returns, eyebrows, etc.
Anything that needs special attention.
These roofs can easily be over $500\sq.


There a four tab shingle known as a Super Shangle.

The Carriage I’ve laid and there not that bad they weigh 355 lbs a square verses 425 lbs a square with the Grand Manor.

Have you looked at the Centennial Slate shingles?

If it were my house I’d go with the Landmark TL if you wanna spend big bucks on asphalt shingles.

Installed the GAF Grand something once and they were a real pain to cut. They looked like the Presidential slate shingles.

I’d say double the labor cost before triple.


Grand Sequoia…
Major pain in the butt, it gets my vote for hardest asphalt shingle to install properly.


I would look into an Onduvilla roof. The added cost of such a heavy, 4 layer shingle isn’t worth it in my opinion. With Onduvilla, you get a 50 year warranty with unlimited wind. It also has a termite deterrent built into the shingles. In the end you get a better looking roof.


I’m assuming you sell the product if you are replying to an 11 years old post.


Yes indeed. I do detect the odor of a pork based canned meat product.


Certainteed Presidential TL laughs at GAF Grand Sequoia on the difficulty scale.

I once got a call from a builder that had a CT Presidential TL intalled. He called because we have installed several of them and the CT rep referred me.

The roof was all jacked up. REALLY bad. The installer was there and I asked him if he had ever installed a CT Pres TL. He said “yes, plenty of times.”

I asked him if he followed the install directions and again he said “yes.” He went on to say that he had the installation directions on him and went to his truck to get them.

I looked at the install directions when he handed them to me. No BS, straight off at the top of the install directions it said GAF GRAND SEQUOIA.

What a knucklehead.