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I’m fairly new to this forum and honestly also somewhat new to this industry. I am an estimator/project manager and while I do have people that are training me, they are not always available. I was basically wondering if any of you would be open to answering very specific questions as they come up? I don’t want to blow up the forum with question after question because I sometimes have alot and they are often very simple even though I can’t find the answer on Google. My main issue at the moment is in understanding exactly what our scope of work is on TI projects for example.

Thank you


You might want to give us an idea where you are located.


I am located in Southern Arizona, if there’s anyone in state or would be willing to do some sort of chat or calls I would pay for some sort of tutor or mentor if anyone to chat with me and look at specific things with me. Not constantly, maybe just an hour or two a week. IF there’s anyone out there interested.

Thank you


Manufacturers will send you specification manuals just ask them.


What I’m looking for is more related to reading plans and determining our scope of work. For instance I’m looking at a TI right now and the mechanical demo plan says “Existing supply duct thru roof to remain. Remove all downstream ductwork.” Now I believe it’s unrelated to us and means that the ductwork going through the building from this is to be removed, but I want to be sure that’s what it means and doesn’t affect us because I know sometimes ductwork is on the roof and patching where it’s removed would certainly affect our scope and bid.

Thank you


No offense but it sounds like you are in over your head and lack the necessary experience.

What you are asking for varies from company to company and is usually information that is not freely shared since this is what makes the difference between a competent successful company and one that fails.


No offense taken, I am in a position where I am not doing anything on my own and all my work is checked. I’m in training, but am looking for more resources. I’m not looking for company specific things, I can determine that. It’s more so language and in this particular instance would be surrounding the word “downstream,” however I was able to get an answer on that. I realize what I’m seeking is not common and I may not find, but I thought I would ask in case it was out there.

Thank you anyway