Kind of Off Topic but thought I'd share

These pictures are from my area. Seems it was nice and frozen on friday when this guy left his escavator. lol.
Bad suprise on monday morning, heh. They just recovered it today.


That’s gotta be some money… not just for the recovery, but for the repairs if water got into the wrong place.

Don’t forget about the potential EPA clean up, if any fuel or oil contaminated the soil, too.


man that sucks to be him.

I’m surprised he was able to recover it. When I was working for Daniels Construction (now Flour-Daniels) building the Nissan truck manufacturing plant in Smyrna, TN, they lost at least one bulldozer that I know of. It sank in the mud about where the test track was constructed. I remember the mud being so bad after heavy rains, that workmen would get physically stuck in the mud in some places and have to be pulled out, or we would take a step in the wrong place and our boots would get sucked off our feet from the mud.

Well, if you don’t recover it then you can’t just pour concrete all over it & hope nobody notices…