Kentucky roofing laws

Need to find Kentucky law on same color roof. Damage to house roof but not attached garage. Insurance needs copy of law. Please help!

I think what you’re asking is if Kentucky is a matching state. I am not sure but I don’t think it is. Why don’t you use Google and do your own research? Or call the Kentucky Department of Insurance? If the garage is attached, it is part of the house, not the garage. Assuming that is a smaller portion of the overall roof, were I the policy holder, I would be calling my Agent and management at the insurance company complaining that I’m not being properly indemnified.

Matching isn’t what you want to say. Uniform appearance is what they owe for in most states. The two are not the same. But I’m also assuming there will not be a uniform appearance if new shingles are installed on part of house but not another part. Argue for the correct thing and you might win. Do it the right way and you might win. This is a policy issue and not one you as the contractor should be trying to argue. If you’re the HO, you should win this is you’re tenacious enough.