Just Venting putting up with corporate ______


I started roofing in 1973 during the summer months until 1979. Then started full time all year. I have seen roofing companys come and go. I even got out and went to work for someone else. I know work for one of the largest roofing company today. What i do is trouble shoot and repair leak problems. Mostly! Then their are some small roofs that I will complete for them. The customer base is always asking for me. But yet The company is always threating me with my job. I am the only one in my office that is on call 24/7 and will always do what is needed to get the job done. Yet it is said that I have a bad attitude and I do not bring in enough work. Yet I am not the sale man. I am the Technician. I do not follow safety by tieing off in the middle of a flat roof. Yea This super is younger than me and I feel that he’s on a power trip. But when they want the job done and do not want to have to go back to it they call on me. Yet they still tell me I have a bad attitude. I haven’t taken a vacation in the 4 years I worked for them. I have only missed 1 Phone call for a leak. This job has taken away from my family. they have fined me for a accident that was not my fault. I know that corporation look at you as a number and not a person. But know they want me to train the guy that is taking my job. I just do not get it. I feel that I should have just stayed in business for myself. AAAAAAAAAAaa!! Oh did I mention putting on epdm roofs in 10 degree weather?



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