Just started a roofer/helper

I’m 22. I just started with a small roofing company in my home town, I only work with 3 other dudes on my crew. I really want to learn but I’m struggling a bit. Mainly when we’re just doing a rescrew job, my ankles are killing me and I’m slightly having trouble trusting the rope with my weight. I’m trying my hardest to stick it out in the long run cause I know it’ll be good for me but I just don’t want to be let go.

Persistence and motivation behind your goal is key to keep going,I have goal to start marketing my own jobs soon and it keeps me going hard every day on jobsite also soaking all small details I can.
In your case you should setup same mindset if you want stay,aim to become proficient in 200 roofs and takeoff
Good luck homie

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If you think humping concrete would be any easier, you’re wrong. It’s all just conditioning. I shingled 3 story 12/12s regularly with no problem. After working flat for 3 years, I had trouble riding a 6/12 for a repair! Stick it out, it gets easier…

Dont give up.
You will rise in pay quickly
If you learn everything that is going on around you.
Roofing is hard.
No day is going to be easy but it pays well if you are determined to one day start your own business.
And the best roofing business owners are the ones who started out as a young grunt on a crew.
Your first goal should be being confident and then trying to out-perform everyone around you
And then running your own crew.
Think of the money.
Impress your boss.
Keep your word.
Keep the same phone number.
I would recommend Sketcher “gowalks”.
They are very comfortable with a cushion, bounce in your step. It might help with the strain on your ankles and they have excellent grip on everything.

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Thanks, being anchored is the only real struggle for me right now.

Thanks man, appreciate it