Job quoting

How do you determine the difference in quoting a job. Saying if it where a 30sq roof on a 10/12 verses a 4/12 pitch

you charge more for difficulty

I’ve been roofing for over ten years, but always for someone. I recently moved and am trying to start my own business. any information would be greatly appreciated!!

Re if you dont know what your cost difference is then you will be in serious trouble. Im not trying to be a smarty here but you know what it costs you. SO bid accordingly.

A steep cut up pig will take you more than 2x as long to do as an easy walker.
Access to the home/roof is an important factor also.
How much setup time will you have on a particular job?

There are many factors to take into account when bidding a job, they are all different.

I wish you the best of luck in starting a roofing business in Southern Michigan at this time.

Thank you for the suggestions. I just found this web site a few days ago, and I like the fact that you can ask advise, and give advise. There is probably someone, somewhere who has tried what you might not know!!

For tear offs I charge an extra $60 per square to go from a 4/12 to a 10/12. For new construction it’s an extra $20 per square over a 4/12.

Up to 6/12’s is one price.
7/12-9/12 is another price.
10/12-12/12 is another price.
13/12+ is another price.

I really like 7/12’s and my next favorite would be 10/12’s.

When it’s all said and done for a 10/12 tear off I like to get $425-475 per square.

thank you gougger222 that is a good idea. My favorite roofs when doing tear-offs are bungalow’s

Dougger when you’re talking about pricing, are your prices with/without materials?

Yeah his prices include material.He said he likes to get $425-$475 for a 10/12.Let me guess you get $1000.

We do not figure by the square.

Figure how long it will take you. Then you can price the job for that many days.

I know what I need a day to run my business. Keep track of every rain day. Keep track of how many days you work this year. Do not include Saturdays and Sundays. You want to base your business on Monday thru Friday. In a couple of years you will be able to see a pattern.

You add up your expenses for the year. Then divide that by the number of days you worked the past year. This will let you know how much you need a day to run your business.

If you could have worked if you had work include these days. Eventually you will work everyday available.