Job Analysis (full autopsy) I hosed myself


I got hosed on this job. Naturally I started pointing fingers. lol
I bid it pretty low…too low. I still feel like it’s taking much too many man hours to complete the work.
Looking at 7.9 Man hours per SQ.
Its a 2 layer comp and wood shake roof with a 1/2 cdx ply re-sheath.
Here’s all the numbers for it and a sketch report.
The address is 3112 Williams Ave in Eureka CA if you want to see it on google maps.
Cost means how much the job cost, and price means what i bid it at.
Your full analysis would be appreciated.


$600 per square cost seems reasonable if not low. Your problem isn’t your cost, I think, but your price was. $710 per square is way too low IMHO. I don’t see how you expected cost to be less than $500 per square. Just a 40% gross profit puts you at $833 per square.


Around here a multi layer cedar shingle tear off & redeck is $1k or more per sq all day everyday.

There aren’t that many left compared to 20 ish yrs ago.

You should take down some of the personal info that is posted, like the phone #.


I dont know if your guys are a little slow
Or if my guys are fast.
I am saying my similar crew
Would do it in half the time.

That said i am not saying your labor cost was too high!!
Your labor cost was still reasonable.
I would say your price was just too low!!
Even if your crew would have finished a full day earlier, it still wouldnt have left sufficient profit.

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Our tear off price for cedar with one asphalt and 5/8 cdx redeck is 720 per sq plus 50 additional layor. Then standard install price after that. If I am on the job with 2 good guys we can do 7 sq a day of its pretty open, less when dormers are involved.


7.9 man hours per sq for a 6/12 2 layer tear off redeck seems awful slow! Think about it, should it take an experienced roofer all day to do one square in this application, I sure don’t think so. And the material cost seem awful high as well, at least or our local costs. But MI might be much higher! What type of shingle were you installing?