Jacked up roof flashing. Solutions?

Original roofer did a hack job at this corner slope where a valley drains, and over the last 28 years, this area has slowly rotted.

As photo below shows, the stucco touches the flashing where the bulk of water flows.
The metal flashing does not wrap around the corner, and down the slope. So water is getting under the stucco and flowing into the wall below, as you can see from the large black water stain.

Would liquid flashing work to seal this corner and slope?
I’m thinking of applying a thick band of APOC 264 acrylic/urethane sealant with mesh embedded, connecting the stucco to the existing flashing. I hope that would at least prevent the bulk of the water from getting underneath the stucco

get some lucas universal roof cement,white in color,your going to have to fill gaps and seal upwards on the stucco,not much else to do at this point

I’m not a tile guy but it’s obvious that the entire area needs to be completely redone.

You need to tear off roofing and stucco and start from scratch after repairing the damage.


Does the leak start from the top corner
Or the eve?

The hack Job is the builder, not the roofer.

When/how long ago did you first experience a leak inside the house?

There are 2 leaks, I believe. Leaks happened a long time ago, but we neglected it.
We don’t get much rain in los angeles.

i removed the lowest 2 tiles today.

There’s a big hole in the sheathing by the eave where the water jumps the turnback flashing and has nowhere to go, since the furring strip/drip edge dams the water at the bottom.

Inside the house right below the top corner, there’s a water stain on the ceiling.

I just need a bandaid for now.

maybe one day I’ll chisel out the stucco

I’d wager that your wall is rotten also.


most definitely.

the stucco flexes a little in that area, so definitely hollowed out inside.

this is gonna be a future teardown. There’s no point pouring big money into this. Just need to stop leaks.

This past summer, I just got done fixing the leak at a difficult cricket on the other side of the house with peel and stick, and tile reset. I don’t want to do any major roof surgery ever again.


I remember that and you did a great job. Tear downs are the toughest ones to figure without wasting money and you didn’t say when, how many years?