I've heard that TAMKO Shingles are pretty good, can anyone else attest to this?

I am a contractor looking to help a couple of my clients get quality shingles for their properties. A buddy of mine recommended TAMKO Shingles, just wanted to put some feelers out there and see if they are decent quality shingles.

Shingle qualities vary in different regions, but in my area tamko is the worst. Mismatching colors/snaggle tooth shingles/not sealing even on 100 degree days/ends being cut out of square from the factory. These are the type of thing I expect on every new construction job I do where the builder orders tamko shingles.

People here rag on gaf really bad, and while they aren’t the best in my area either they are far better than tamko!


We use a fair amount of Tamko. I think they are okay, not the worst but also not the best. The reality is, the install is far more important than the shingle. Personal preference also comes into play. I happen to think the 3 best are Atlas, Owens Corning and Certainteed. We don’t have Malarkey in our areas but I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about them, they must be very good.

It is scary to think GAF is way better than anything! We had Tamko on the West Coast 20+ years ago when I first started and amazingly those roofs still look good, although you’re right about the seal down. They are nice to tie into as they are never stuck but the surface held up well and back then they seemed well regarded. The odd thing is their heavier shingles had a lot of defect, mainly horizontal cracks, but their 25 year held up well.

I tore off, decked, and shingled a barn with the cheapest fiberglass 3 tab shingles the guy could find. I think they were OCs. Every other roof I did back then were organics. It’s got a couple tabs blown off, but it’s the same roof I put on in 1985

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Just went and gave an estimate for a 25yr Tamko heritage, 5" reveal that I put on in 97. Home is being sold and buyers wants a new roof. It still looks like it could go another 3 to 5 yrs. I dont have a problem with them. I don’t install many anymore. Color choices are slim in my area.

From what I have seen the OC 3-tabs are one of the longest lasting shingles made.

I put on acres of the 20 yr Classics in the 90’s and the ones I drive by every day and the few that I have been on since installation are holding up very good.

35 years? Wow.
Did the sun ever hit it?
I agree about the quality of the old classic OC 3tabs.
But that is some testimony right there.

Sun all day, good pitch, on a high point about 10 miles from lake Michigan. I was worried about the wind stripping it before I got paid.

If you grabbed the end of a bundle and shook it, it would tear into pieces. I have no idea how they stayed on that long.