Issues with flashing


So we bought the house 2 years ago, the roof was supposedly done the year before that, so 3 years old now. When we bought the house there were mater marks in the chimney and a stain on the ceiling right above presumably from a leak before the roof was replaced. Fast forward to last week and the spot on the ceiling reappeared. I climbed in the roof to check the flashing. Here is what i found:

I don’t see base and cap flashing, am I right? Is this properly done? In pic 1 i circled a wet spot, in pic 2 and 5 i circled areas on the side that should have caulking, no? The last pic is the caulking above the wet spot thats slightly separated from the shingle. Should I recaulk? Should I have the flashing redone properly?
Thanks in advance


Yes, have a pro in to redo that flashing.


Flashing needs to be done properly. It could be old lead there but sure looks like rubber. The roof should be flashed with metal base and steps, then a proper counter flashing installed into a reglet cut into the masonry. Done right the flashing will last the life of your current shingles as well as the next roof.



It is a aluminum faced self-adhered
Not made by the manufacture MFM.

This is an old house and The morter has failed.
I would expect this chimney to leak during certain storms.
Needs to be re-pointed.
Or just fill in all the holes and cracks and put several coats of paint on the whole thing.


I am pretty sure its lead
Why no caulking in the circled area?




I think your roof has 2 layers and they just shingled around the chimney.
It should have been reflashed at the time of install, proper flashing would have no caulking between the shingles and flashing

That needs to be redone.


Yeah, I think thats what happened too. There are 2 layers of shingles.


The shingles and/or the flashing may be cause for concern.
They may or may not be leaking.

But i know the morter is leaking.
I think it is leaking quite often.
The chimney is barely holding itself together


I have an appointment with a roofer in 3-4 wheeks(yeah that time of the year). I’ll update you next year.