Issue with starter srips

Hey there, new member with what is probably a strange question, and i’m not sure where else to turn. I am having some issues with fascia board rotting out because water is getting in behind the gutter. When I get up on the roof I really don’t see how this could be happening. So I lifted the up the shingles closest to the gutter and notice that there is no starter stip. The previous owners of my home did the roof themselves and obviously didn’t know what they were doing.

My question is, do you think cutting new strips and inserting them under that first row of shingles would help this situation? And how would I attached them. I would hate to face nail through that first row of shingles, do you think liquid nails or some other type of adhesive would hold these in place and seal down?

Probably a wasted effort but if I were to do anything, I think I’d install drip edge. Probably just best to wait for the next roof replacement and do it right then.

You could install metal shims in the joints but would have to pull fasteners and it wouldn’t be easy with an older roof.

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I’ve done that and used butyl -EPDM water cut off- on the aluminum before sliding the shims in, stopped all the drips. Didn’t pull any nails, just trimmed the top 2" down to slip between the butt nails.

I’ve done this before using pieces of aluminum, 8x8. As mentioned before you need to pull the nails in the ends of the shingles.

What you guys are describing is called a bib flashing.

Good idea Dark. I hadn’t thought of that but we don’t see that situation often. If the roofer didn’t use starter strip there are usually so many other things wrong the people need a new roof anyway. Those are the jobs where the shingles are run at the nail line exposure!