Issue with a Roofing Company

Where can I ask a Question about a Roofing contractor misleading quote on additional work?

Thanks very much

Its a legal question

Here is a good place to start.

Hello, I am having an issue with a roofing contractor. This contractor has finished all the work. He has been paid for the roofing job. However, I have not paid him for the additional work his company did.

The additional work is to nail in supports for the plywood decking using 2x4’s. All this work, was performed in the attic during new roof replacement.

There were approximately 108 LF of existing support already in place.

272 LF of new 2x4"s the contractor installed.

And, 116 LF of 2X3’s cut out of 2x6’s.

Total of approximately 388LF installed.

He told me it would cost $2.25 per LF to do the work.

But, when I received the invoice. To my surprise, he invoiced me for $5,700.00 to nail in all the supports.

I know that there are still good people out there, but I believe he is taking advantage of me. And has threaten to sue me.

Thanks for your response. PS. ask any question you like.

Have you asked him why the overage?

Good question! I really don’t have a good answer to this question. My attic is a walk in attic. Most of the roof is very accessible with a latter.

He did say, it took two men to do the job. Also, said something about labor.

I was on the job the entire time they were roofing my house.

There are a lot of details that would be very hard to explain here.

Essentially, everything went well and it only take a day and a half to do the job and that includes 13 pcs of plywood.

Wish I could give a better answer, but just way to much detail to share here.


Is it in the written contract how much he was charging for the supports per LF? Unfortunately an undocumented verbal price and a hand shake leads to issues like this with dishonest contractors.
Always ask to get potential extra costs written into the contract to cover everyone’s ass.

Only the plywood, not the 2x4’s. The contract states $55.00 per sheet of plywood.
I clearly understand that charge. However, the 2x4’s are a different story. Verbal agreement only. I trusted him to do the right thing and I didn’t even thank about getting it in writing.

I tried very hard to hire an honest contractor, but my efforts were not very fruitful.

Looking back on the entire job, I can see a pattern of deceitfulness.

My bad! I don’t mind paying for an honest day of work. I believe someone is not telling him the truth. Such as, the subcontractors.

Is there an hourly change order labor rate in your contract?. We are expensive and our carpentry rate for extras is $120 per hour. So if the entire job took 1.5 days and 2 guys did the additional work, maybe 500 in materials you can’t get close to 5700.

No hour rate on contract. He didn’t itemize his work. I know its hard for you all to get the big picture. Because it’s just to hard to explain every thing. I’m not sure how he is going to justify the charge. I believe he is mad at me for being picky about his work. My goal is to get the best roof possible. My wife and I plan on staying in this house for a very long time. Thanks very much for all comments. All of you deserve all you make. And he is due some compensation but I believe he is overcharging me. Thanks again.

Yeah I would ask him to justify the extra expense in writing before you pay it for sure.
Everything in writing in advance is always the best bet.

Did anyone witness the verbal agreement? First thing I would do is get an agreement on the feet of lumber that was installed. He should be able to produce a receipt for the materials. In other words, try to see where your difference is, feet installed or labor rate.

I would say yes, because I asked his lead man how much will it cost to have the work done while he was on the phone with the owner. I have asked for receipts several times to no prevail. I do undertake what you are saying and hopefully he will agree. I just want to do what is fair for both of us.

Demand a face to face with the lead man and owner to hash it out then. Don’t pay until you get it.