Is water damage covered under homeowners insurance?


The water damage mentioned is due to ice damming on a steep slope with gaf 30 year architect shingles.The part of the house where the damage keeps ocurring is where 3 roofs come together (one ridge goes into the main roof and an overhang drains onto where these two roofs come together at a valley,all this flows onto a copper drainage catch pan up againsta small section of exterior wall and done into the gutter).The water is showing up directly under the exterior wall in the living room and under that wall into the basement section of that same wall(some under the upstairs floor as well)).



Yes water damage created by ice dams is covered by your homeowners insurance. Also note that the insulation in your attic did get wet. Therefore it needs to be removed and replaced to prevent any growth of mold. That will be covered as well. If the ice damaged any roofing materials that will also be covered. Check with the company who installed your roof. You should not have water entering your house if you have a newer roof.


Did you do the roof and are you now faced with the problem?

Is this a roof done by another contactor and now the home owner has called you for advice?

Do you know if ice and water shield is present?


I didn’t apply the roof ,no.It’s been leaking for a long time and I was called to get the snow off.As far as ice and water I don’t know but I would guess it isn’t there because I saw a section of roof near the ridge where the shingles had slid down and NO paper is visible anywhere up there.I papered that open section and shingled it on monday.


Lets get the info right, fellas.

Is the insulation cellulose? Fiberglass? Sprayfoam? Other?

Also, I would investigate as to how the water is making it down to the lower levels.

Improper roof installation is not covered, but damage form the deck down should be. Check the policy.