Is this what a new roof should look like?

My new roof was just completed. Is this how a complete roof job should like like? One of the vents is almost shut and there’s bits of white foam and bits of concrete. Roofer is coming to pick up final check soon. Should I say something? Thank you in advance for the advice / help.

I’d say it is a bit sloppy. Vent needs to be opened and the debris in the valley and elsewhere could have been cleaned up.

The roofer cut the top of the lead off too high
Or just refused to trim it.
So now it clogs the opening as it is folded over the top of the pipe.

It is easy to remedy this though.
I use the back end of my roofing knife or a pen if i had one on me.
And wedge it in there and wiggle it around in a circle.
That will widen the hole just fine.

The other picture is not sharp enough for me to see what is going on in your valley,
dead valley.
I do like the open design up from the corner against the wall and around the corner.