Is this roof accetpable on a new home? How to Fix?

So our builder is just about finished with the construction of our vacation cabin. Its an A frame chalet style cabin with the main roof having 10/12 pitch. Our builder had me drive the 5 hours over from where we live to oversee some final land work and he had wanted me to do the final walk through. When I arrived the first thing I see is the roof. I mentioned it appeared there was a wavy appearance to the roof and he did not really even address my comment. Only after I had my father in Law another local contractor stop by and also immediate point it out did I go back and asked the builder again. He was saying the roof is not sagging but he does think the trusses had a bit more arc to them then they should have which is what is causing it to look this way.

So my question to all of you and your professional opinions, how do I go about this? Could it actually be the trusses causing this and if so how would it be rectified?

I assume you all agree this should not be the way a roof looks on a newly constructed home, especially a home in an area that will receive a good amount of snow load in the winter base don where the cabin resides.

I have a few other pictures I could share but with me being a new user to this site it only allows me to post one picture.

What is the sheeting thickness and truss spacing?

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He is right that it is a truss issue.
I really cant offer any assistance to solve it.
Only correctly identify the issue you are seeing.

I assume this is a morning pic and the shadows accentuate the issue.
Hopefully most of the day, it looks more palpable.

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Yes that is a truss issue. Tearing off the shingles and reinstalling would do nothing about it. As roof lover said I suspect this is something only visible when the sun hits your roof at just the right angle.

P.s. it is not an issue with anything more than cosmetics. So, we (at least me) do not agree “that this is not the way a roof should look on a newly constructed home.” I personally think you are worrying a bit too much about it.

Does the other side look the same ? If so, I’d say a couple rafters were offset, maybe a full inch. Is the top of that wall straight ? Trusses don’t have arch. St Louis does. You can take an elevator to the top and view the city ! But trusses have straight planes.