Is this possible?

I have a 10 square basic low pitch up and down roof, with a small front porch that has a colonial looking roof over it, regular low pitch. I am in Oklahoma and insurance has paid me for a new roof because of recent hail & wind damage. House is about 40 years old and seems structurally sound.
I have a 2 layer tear off, top layer is 3 tab I wanted white shingles for energy conservation reasons, if possible. When I called everywhere I was told there is a shingle shortage and white Architectural are special order. I called a discount lumbar place, they had Tamko 50 Year AR I went to look at them they appeared to be in good shape. I got 10 square for $469. They delivered them today. My problem? My roomate and I are going to attempt this job, she is 37 and has roofed before, I am 43 and roofed one day to help her company out. We bought felt and may have to replace some plywood, when the shingles blew off a few weeks ago before she replaced them there was some leaking onto the kitchen ceiling.
I have 2 vents on each end of the house, shaped like a upside v, am planning on puting 2 aluminim air vents on the backside of the roof and will replace the vent pipes with new aluminum things like the ones that are already on it.
Her old Boss has advised us on supplies and stuff but he is old and no longer has his roofing business. Are 2 middle aged women crazy to think they can pull this off? I’m really nervous about the idea, however because of the recent storms people are waiting up to 6 months for simple repairs, not complete roofs. Any advice is appresicated, and prayers.

You are in way over your head unless you do a very physical and demanding job every day for a living.

You will probably wind up getting ticked off at the progress and start to take short-cuts. Not a reflection on you, but I have seen many homes start off with good intentions and finish that way.

Call around some more. You will find someone who can get to it sooner, but make sure they are a locally established company and not an out of town storm chaser contractor who hires day laborers off of the street.


I’m gonna have to agree with Ed on this one. All it takes is one good storm to sneak up on you, while your tearing those multiple layers off and you have a real problem.

I am going to have to have more info if I am going to be able to give you an educated reply.

Submit a photo of both of you in bikinis, only to see your muscle tone, to see if you are physically able to roof.


I do not see why the 2 of you can not do this. I wish I had more women working for me.

Do it in managable sections. Leave the vents alone. They worked till now. They will continue to work.

Thanks Guy’s… I have called for a few quotes, they cant come out till after the 4th. We planned to tear off the back side, replace any plywood, felt it in and shingle. Then do the front side the same way… But like rooferrama said, storms blow up out of nowhere around here, so we wont start tear off until 0% chance of rain…Gtape my roommate has just left to rent the videocamera. =)
Will keep you updated, I may chicken out. Would be good if I could just get a few bids.

@ The very least, post a pic of the house (slight angle from the front), then we can advise.

Your pitch (steepness) will suggest the degree of difficulty for two greenhorns more than anything.

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Yes! I know what I am doing on a roof and used to be a roofer, but there is no way I would undertake the task you two are about to undertake. Maybe if you had another 6 friends to help or something, but even then we are talking about something that is dangerous.

Forget about the risk of falls and all of that, you are talking about doing physically demanding, hard labor in the middle of a Oklahoma summer? Unless you are acclimated to working outside for long stretches of time, I wouldn’t do it. That is what would stop me from doing my own roof.

Heck, I’m painting my house now, and I won’t do it during the middle of the day; instead I wait for the side I’m painting to get some shade. Of course, I live in Hades…errr…I mean Houston.

Start early in the morning and quit at or before 11:00 A.M. before it gets too hot.
If you are in good physical condition you should be ok.

Roofing is physically demanding but it is not as bad as people make it out to be, but I have been doing it for 20+ yrs.

Don’t under estimate the heat, it gets pretty bad here in Michigan I can only imagine that it is much worse in Oklahoma.
Plan out what you are going to do each day, work smarter not harder.
If it take 5 days to complete your project, so be it, who really cares?

What type of tool do you plan on using to remove the old roof?

Hi Guy’s,
Saturday we got 40 bundles of heavies on the roof, took my roommate and about 2 hours. My legs area a aching. We have a friend who once had a roofing business but is older who we are borrowing shingle scrapers from and who has told us we can have all his old nails he no longer needs (he insists on hand nailing shingles) he has agreed to help us for a small fee, so I think the 3 of us will have it handled, he had a Roofing business for about 20 years.
Thanks for all your advice and support, after Saturdays 2 hours of shingle hauling I have a renewed respect for what you all do.

unless you a couple of weight liftin chicks, get a couple of neighborhood kids to help you do the tear off.
you can put the new roof on by your self.