Is this normal or should I be worried?

I just had my roof replaced and have a couple questions about some of the work. These things look shoddy to me, but I don’t know if maybe it’s just how roofs are supposed to go.

The first is the roof to wall flashing. It looks sloppy to me and like the edges should be sealed all around.

The next is the number of nails that didn’t go into the roof boards but instead went between them. I assume that happens, but how many nails is a normal amount? I’ve seen at least 12-15 in my garage without really having to look very hard.

Thanks for your help!

Nails going in the joints of the wood are unavoidable, there is no amount that is “normal”. However you can usually feel when it happens and you should add another nail slightly higher or lower so it has something solid to hold to. The flashing appears to be installed correctly (with a slot in the wall) but looks bad because of a sloppy caulking job.

Nails missing plywood is normal. They should bend the metal a little bit out at the end so the caulk can stay uniform.

Yes, nail pops are normal. You could cut them down if wanted with a nail cutter (nippers), with some brute strength and a safe step ladder. One idea for the roof-to-wall would be to paint the metal the same color as the house to hide the caulking job. That is a difficult area to caulk perfectly. Another idea is to purchase some stucco patch and then paint once cured. It is a legit counter flashing…just needs a little pretty-ing up! Dan, Southern Az. Roof Associates, LLC.

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The nails appear to be from the tear off, they’re not going to back out, don’t worry about them………