Is this how you would do this?

I showed up on site to inspect my roofing sub’s completed job. He claimed he needed to install water diverters at the base of the chimney (where there previously were none). The house is vinyl sided. On all four corners of the chimney they cracked the bottom of the corner board (vinyl) trim to install these. It looks terrible and to me looks like the corners are now no longer impervious to water, plus since this chimney sits basically at the top of the roof line were these diverters even necessary? Would you have done it this way?

Was removing and reinstalling the siding in the subs scope of work?

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The contract calls for a re-roof, included in the scope is remove and replace chimney flashing. Was this the only option to achieve this? Just doesn’t look right to me, and now the vinyl corners are cracked.

Those aren’t diverters and it looks like they actually did this correctly. It seems like they notched trim to continue step flashing through. This is more attention to detail than I would expect to see from most subs.


We do the same thing on old wood trimmed wood dormers where the corner boards stick out past the step line. The only other alternative would be full r&r or replacement of siding and corner posts. There is no way to sell “replace chimney flashing” without also selling siding work.


They obviously removed (and re-installed) the bottom rows of siding to install this flashing. My issue is that they chose to do it in a way that has resulted in cracking (not notching) the vinyl corners with the flashing protruding. I think it looks terrible- if they were going to alter the original look- I would have liked to known before hand.

Is there no one that thinks they could have ran continuous flashing along the bottom and wrapped around the lower corners, then step flashed up the sides? Then no need to crack the corner boards an no flashing protruding out of the trim, anybody?

It’s next to impossible to get new flashings under the corner posts when they are flush to the roof like that, without notching or trimming them shorter. Unless you remove and then re-install the siding.

Removing all the siding and the corner posts would have been a trivial endeavor on that tiny little chimney.

I’d wager that to replace all the siding including the corners on the chimney with new siding would have cost about $100 in material if that.

OP, what they did is correct and acceptable but if you don’t like it offer to pay them to redo it.


Our estimatoras do a great job explaining to the customers the benefits of removing the siding to do the right job and rarely ever have a problem selling full replacement on something like that.

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I would have notched them and filled in with waterproof silicone to ensure no water gets in.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. Just as an aside, the bid was for a re-roof including chimney flashing, drip edge and ridge vent. Not one contractor mentioned replacing the siding-so I assumed they would remove and reinstall whatever they needed to in order to accomplish the job - which apparently they did. I would have appreciated knowing they were going to split the corner boards and have flashing protruding from them. When I look up at my new roof, it’s like having a brand new car…with a couple of dents in it. Thanks again.

It’s such a small chimney,just get it resided if it really bothers you.
Then it’s all new and pretty.

That’s why we don’t use subs.

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The siding corners only, can be “cut-out & capped-over”. Call a local window / siding guy.

Not a good idea to have another sub do work pertaining to what the roofer did. Need to give the roofer an opportunity to make you happy and avoid the blurring of warranty by bringing another contractor in.