Is this an approved underlayment for comp shingle roofs?

Is this a approved underlayment for a comp shingles? If so, who is the manufacturer?

The material (seen at an eave) in not adhered to the sheathing and very flexible - it feels (and looks on the underside) similar to ordinary black 4mil plastic sheet.

At other locations there was no underlayment at all, there were no drip edges at any location I checked, and the roof was a low-bidder job in other ways (including retaining existing shingles in areas where it would have been little additional effort to replace them).

So it would not surprise me to discover that this material not intended for use as underlayment at all, however the textured upper surface and white stripe suggest it was manufactured for some specific propose.

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Looks like Grace Ice & water shield, it is a very good shingle underlayment.
If it is not stuck to the deck maybe the paper backing is still on it…

Axiom is a winner! As far as I can see…I just did a tear off last week that the owner had a guy tear up 6’ on a low slop and install Grace and it looked like that…I don’t get why they would use the priciest I&W shield,and skimp on drip edge…and shingles…

Hi again Michael.

Yes, that product looks like the Grace Ice and Water shield membrane.

It should be sticking down aggressively to the decking though, because it is the most efficient product with the stickiest adhesive backing.

Do you see any wax release paper remaining?

Is the underside coated with dirt/dust or something else?

Drip edge metal is usually Not a code requirement, but I believe it is good roofing practice to install it.

Check out this link for more information: … uide-A.pdf


some neck of the woods just dont use edge metal.
just the way it is.


How about this installer had some Grace left over from a prior job & used it on your roof.

You mentioned low bidder, so if you got shorted on a few components, this may be your reason why.

I’m not gonna be too snarky & say “you got what you paid for”, however there comes a tiem where price gets you both a process & a parts list…

Then again, everyone’s situation is different & I don’t know your background & the reasons for selecting this roofing person may be varied.


Michael is a pretty astute Home Inspector. Check out his website.

Even good inspectors need to hear about product variations from those in the know.

I don’t think it was his home he was referring to.



note to self;
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