Is this a normal edge or did worker cut it with a butter knife?



Mechanically, it works.
Cosmetically, he could have made it straighter.


Not gonna win a beauty contest but I see worse all the time. Some guys struggle to cut nice lines on arch shingles, they are harder to cut than 3 tab.


You guys are far too kind.


Absolutely horrible. Would not pass my 1st round of quality control inspection


Defently wouldn’t fly in my book. Looks like guy cutting spent too long in the bar the night before.


You should see the other pics! Ugh.


It’s really not a good result to see.


Butter knife.maybe he didn’t have a good blade.shabby!


I once pulled up to a job to see a coworker cutting an 8/12 valley right above the front door with a seragated steak knife. True story.


Uh…Wow…I may be picky because I’m an artist, but that is not acceptable.