Is this a good deal?


I just got a proprosal to replace my roof. Does this guy sound like he knows what he’s doing? Here is the proposal. (Please note: house is a Cape, shingle in front, rubber in back)

1.Remove existing shingles from all roofs
2.Install 3 ft ice and water shield on bottom and valleys
3.Install aluminum drip edge
4.Install 15 lbs felt paper
5.Install 30 year woodscape roof shingle
6.Install chimney wall + vent pipe flashing
7.Install ridge vents
8.Install 1" iso insulation 1x4 wood nailer. .060 EPBM rubber roofing system (2) vent pipe boots, and .032 aluminum cleate on all roof edges. Caulk all seams. Instlal roof to manufacture specs. 10 year manufacture material warranty.
9.Clean jobsite when completed
10. 5 year workmanship warranty + work permits

Please let me know if anything looks fishy or substandard. THANKS!


i would ask if he is doing anything with the counter flashings on the chimney and get him to specify exactly what he is providing for venting. other then that check out his references espesally specific to the rubber portion.get a few estimates and compare product price presentation


I always install a minimum 2 rows Ice & water shield,and the inspectors love me…This past year we had record ice build up, and allot of homes with 1 row I & W failed …that is according to my phone ringing…


I don’t understand what it is you’re asking.

Is what a good deal?

Do you trust the guy?

Did you check out his credentials?


Depending on your location/climate, I would consider a TPO versus EPDM. The TPO is more durable and it is more energy efficient. Unless you are in the snow belt, TPO makes more sense.


Why no TPO in the snow belt?