Is this a BUR or Spray foam over a cap sheet?


Good Morning,

I am appraising a roof and have very little roofing experience. I have a hail damage on a roof the adjuster is calling built-up with a granulated cap sheet, but the Public adjuster is calling it SPF. I also asked a roofer who told me it could be spray foam over a cap sheet or a BUR with granular cap sheet. I just wated to get some more input. Thank you.

Definitely Spray Foam. Looks like it was pretty thin layer of foam, no way to know exactly what it is over without a core cut.

Looks like a think layer of acrylic coated spray foam over some type of mod bit sheet.

I looked up the address on the local county assessor trying to locate the builder, without any luck, but it did list the roof as Built up roof, then I contacted a realtor and learned it was updated in 2015.