Is there something I can do to recover from thiso


I purchased a manufactured home 2 year ago. The house had hail damage Inspection found. I supposably got a new roof. Within a year. Water was coming inside my windows. I had to get a whole new roof this year. Roofers who did this said this wasn’t done right and roofer never replaced boards that were rotted and didn’t do several things. Looking for more opinions, this house was totally remodeled. Finding the roofer had a liscence for 6 months and actually lived in this house and was owner’s son in law. Shingles were apparently old and not made anymore is what I was told. There’s many other issues that came with this permit ever taken on house either.



What is/are your question/s, or it this just a rant?


For some reason the last part wasn’t added I’m asking what you can tell from these pictures if damage was previously there and covered up.


The last roofer cut a hole for ridge venting.
It would have taken more time and material,
But he needed to take out that little strip and put in a 16 inch strip instead of leaving a 2 inch strip with no support.
Others will bark in "at least 2 foot"

Also go ahead and cut a strip for the other side also since he cut the wood too far down.
I make my hole a Total of 2 1/2 inches
Sometimes stretches to 3 inches.
So that would be about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half down from each peak.

When you make your ridge hole too big
It leads to leaks.


If you had ridgevent before, then yes. Sloppy work as roof_lover points out.