Is Roofers experience or shingle quality more important?

Is a roof contractors experience more important than the quality of the shingle?

My 3 choices with price NOT being an issue.

1 Should I use an experienced GAF Master Elite roofer installing a
GAF Timberline HD Reflector, with a 10 year labor warranty.
No 25 year labor Golden Pledge option, because my mobile home does not allow the installation of a GAF ridge vent.

2 An roofing company with more than 25 years in business, installing the Certainteed Landmark shingle with a 5 year labor warranty.

3 A roofer that just started a new company, with a 10 year labor warranty. Using Owens Corning Duration Cool.

Consumers Reports says to hire a contractor with at least 5 years experience and good local reviews and use a high quality shingle. They also give a high rating to the Owens Corning Duration shingle.

I live in a mobile home in San Jose CA.
My mobile home is 20 years old and 1600 square feet.
Insurance is covering most of my re-roof cost.

My insurance company said that I should send him 3 bids including the one that I am choosing.

I like option #2
Hes using the best product.
And im betting the most experience.

This is my first post.
Can we use the actual company names?

I would use asphalt saturated D.226 underlayment on that roof.
2 ply would be nice and appropriate
No synthetic underlayment on that!
Many of my colleges would disagree
But thats my two cents.

That is a very simple roof, hard to screw it up (although there are plenty out there capable of doing so). I’d go with option 2 or 3. Labor warranty more than 2 years mostly irrelevant, the vast majority of workmanship issues show up in the first year. If that roof is a 3 pitch, not sure I’d put a laminated shingle on it anyway. And it sure looks like a 3 pitch.

Contractors 1 and 3 want to use O’Hagen vents.
Contractor #2 wants to use the existing mobile home vents.
What is the advantage of O’Hagen vents
for an existing well balanced ventilation system?

Bid #1 The GAF contractor recommended 2 layers of GAF Tiger Paw underlayment.

Bid # 2 / 1 layer of #30 asphalt saturated felt

Bid #3 / 1 layer of #30 asphalt saturated felt

What is saturate felt?
Is one layer, better than 2 layers of synthetic underlayment? Why?!

Why no synthetic underlayment?

#30 is like ice & water shield, seals down to the deck and around nails better than synthetic. Low pitches are risky to shingle… Used to 2x course eaves with #30 before ice and water shield.


So you would pick the contractor that uses 1 layer of #30
over a contractor that uses 2 layers of synthetic?

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So what exact shingle would you put on it and why?

If it is low slope use Malarkey because of the way nail line is tapered. 4-12 and above Malarkey or OC Durations. Landmark is also a good choice. NEVER GAF and I’m not going to waste my time explaining why because I’ve grown bored with it. Research GAF on line, hold one in your hands and you’ll understand.

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If it is a 3 pitch, I’d install a 3 tab. Check manufacturers specs.

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I have more confidence in the #30 than synthetic on a low pitch