Is it normal - Gaps in roof sheathing visible from attic?


Hello, Today when I was in attic saw gaps between roof sheathing (pic attached). Is it supposed to be like this? As far as I know there is no underlayment below the shingles.
I am first time home owner and hardly have any knowledge regarding this. Please advice !
I was wondering should I fill the gap with some sealant / caulking or any other roofing product. I feel in case the shingles are blown up I will have a leaking roof and will only know it when I see damage in the ceiling below it (which has already happened last week at different spot…I live in windy Ontario, Canada). It is difficult to keep checking the attic or check roof!


Yes that is fine. Osb expands and contracts,so a small gap is recommended.


I would be more concerned with how tight the gap is to the left of the h-clip.

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Those H clips are normal when installing sheathing with the use of trusses, and will provide a space between sheets because it’s impossible for the sheets to come together. There should be roofing felt or something close to it.


Looks like a crooked cut to me. No worries about the gap.


Thant’s what it’s called ROUGH FRAMING.