Is GAF Golden Pledge worth it?

I am looking at 2 bids, one the GAF Golden Pledge, and the other with OC Durations and a 5 year warranty.

Is GAF Golden Pledge worth it?
It is my understanding that it requires a ridge vent?

I live in a mobile home with cathedral ceilings in San Francisco area,
and I would prefer not to mess with the structural integrity of the house.

I called GAF directly and they said that the area manager could allow the Golden Pledge, without a ridge vent.

I am also thinking that the Golden Pledge ONLY covers the roof,
not the rest of the structure that could be damaged in an earthquake or leak that does additional internal damage in addition to the roof.

No no no no no no no.(sorry I was forced to use 20 characters)


I personally would have said “No” followed by 18 !!! :rofl:


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and no.


So many people fooled by this “golden pledge”
“Master elite”…
Its all bs.
And they are fooling them non-stop.
I swear these GAF salesman are the best.
How do they get these guys to look the homeowner in the eye and tell them that they are the best?


What about the 25-year workmanship guarantee? Don’t they honor it?
If there’s a leak.

Can anyone who’s actually a master certified installer answer this question please.

You’re asking for a “master certified installer” to answer your question about their own fake warranty? You are getting straight answers from legitimate and well established roofers and looking for an alternative answer from someone that is beholden to a company, by the way the largest shingle manufacturer in North America. Do you trust other conglomerates as well?

Its a marketing strategy, its garbage. Gaf master certified means the dude took a 3 day course

I’m pretty familiar with the Golden Pledge warranty, and GAF shingles.

This is one of the bigger jobs of my career, that was a GP.

My opinion on the golden pledge warranty is that it’s definitely just a marketing scheme. Overkill. With the double ice and water in the valleys… and the full ice and water rows up rakes and walls, ect…even the stepping pattern that’s “required” that will give you a certain colour blend you can’t even tell the difference compared to if you made you steps common way lol. You can get the same quality roof without all that extra stuff.

The only thing that’s good about the golden pledge in my opinion is that it’s GAF’s ass if
something goes on with the roof. As long as it was done under all those crazy guidelines.

I suggest you hire an experienced roofing company with great references. This will be better than the added expense of a warranty. Wouldn’t hurt to check their credit either. BBB score, Dunn & Bradstreet rating, etc.