Is flashing caulk or metal?

I was quoted and billed over $1800 for flashing on my metal roof at a couple of locations and what i got was a clear caulk that appears to be silicone. There was not more than 4 tubes of caulk used. The contractor told me that caulk is flashing and what did I expect. Total time on my roof was about 2 hours.

Is caulk considered flashing or is flashing usually metal?
Will caulk hold up on a hot metal roof in Georgia?

Any reply on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

No caulking is not flashing. sounds shady.

A flashing is any other product that covers up a penetration or transition.

Some people, er low life contractors, will vaguely describe what they are doing.

In my proposal, I describe every sequence of the fabrication and installation process of proper SMACNA and/or NRCA flashings.

Many products on a roof are considered "Flashings:

Gutter Apron Drip Edge for Eave Edges
Overhanging Drip Edge for Gable Edges
Plumbing Soil Stack Boots
Roof-To-Wall Angle Apron Flashings
Base Step Flashings

Without a very descriptive written proposal, it sort of goes with what he says.

I disagree with that, but technically, trpweling Plastic Roofing Cement over existing sheet leaking metal flashings could be considered a flashing also.

Yes, he took advantage of you. What was he doing for the other 1 hour and 45 minutes he was there?