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You can always consider the appraisal process. If you go to appraisal the insurance bullshit is thrown out the door. Many Public Adjusters are appraiser also.


My husband and myself have worked for a roofing company for around 6 years. He was a project manager and I was an office assistant. We weren’t happy with the way they treated their homeowners or crews so we decided to go out on our own. Well this is the first time I have come across an adjuster that doesn’t use Xactimate. The summary he gave the H/O was labeled SIMSOL and it had exactly 3 lines then a total at the bottom minus the deductible. That was it. When we sent him a copy of the Xactimate we pulled he added 1 more line to his including 3 pipe boots. There are no O & P, dump fees or drip edge on his estimate. He sent the H/O an email that said if we couldn’t do the job for the price he quoted he would be happy to refer him some local roofers that would. We completed the job today, but I was reading your threads and think I should try supplementing. I’ve never personally submitted a supplement. Since it is going to a desk adjuster now, should I just send him a copy of our Xactimate? New and Confused - lol


Write a heading letter describing what you are wanting to supplement and why it is justified. Include a copy of your estimate as an attached PDF file. In the future, supplement prior to doing the work, you’ll find your success rate will go up substantially.


Thank you so much! This really helps me out


FYI: public adjusters typically do not charge if there’s no outcome. No recovery-No fee.


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Ask for a revised scope of loss. If they won’t provide it, which they often don’t, ask your Customer to get a copy. I’d say we get it from the insurance company over 50% of the time and get it from the Homeowner the remainder… Your contract with the Customer also should state something to the effect that the HO is required to supply you with a copy of any and all insurance documentation related to the loss.


I am new to supplementing and have had NO training!!! HELP… Is there a place to get FREE templates? List of items that should be on every estimate? The company I work for does not have Xactimate so I have been trying to wing it.


Check out my waste web tool at Supplement Web App. Within a week or two, there would be an automated supplement tool added with over a hundred roof supplement items alone. Not free but very reasonable.


Here is a State by State building code guide. I hope it helps you guys.


RandyS, that is very helpful. However, people should check with the local Municipality governing the code being specified under their jurisdiction. It is sometimes, if not often, different than the State. In some States, it is near identical. In Alabama, for instance, I think the State is 2009. But around the State, I see it vary from 2003 to 2015 in different Municipalities. Crazy.