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Hello! I am a consumer and have a question about supplements. We had one side of our house damaged by hail and it was approved to be replaced by our insurance adjuster. When our contractor went to get a match for the siding they were unable to locate one (siding is 16 years old), so they sent a supplement to the insurance. If insurance approves the supplement u am assuming it will be paid to me and my mortgage company just like the first check I received from them. Is the supplement check received prior to work being done or does the insurance company send it afterwards like they do with depreciation? I want to make sure I have the check in hand before signing a contract with the contractor to do the siding on the whole house. Thanks!


In most cases, but not always, your insurance will send you a revised scope of los and an interim check when a supplement is approved. If they don’t, all you need to do is contact them and request they do so.

I would add, unless you’re in a “matching” state, it may be difficult to get them to approve the remaining siding based upon not matching. You may need to get involved and push for this to happen. Good luck.


We have been working with a contractor to repair hail damage. We have signed a contract for them to replace the roof. We also had damage to one side of our house and they have submitted a supplement to the insurance company to try and get the whole house re-sided due to a matching issue. After looking at some siding samples they left us, one is an almost identical match to the color of our current siding so we would just like to replace the side of the home that was damaged. What is the protocol for me to reduce the supplement? The contractor has a real lack of communication with us and is difficult to get a response from. If we do not wish to use them to repair the siding would there be any ramifications since they have submitted a supplement to insurance regarding the siding? We have not signed a contract with them regarding the siding, but the supplement they sent includes items for our roof repair for which we have a contract. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Assuming you wish to work with this contractor, you should discuss this with them first. Ultimately, anything that happens with your insurance company is up to you. You have the contract with the insurance. The contractor has zero power with the insurance if you direct your insurance to do something different than the contractor is pushing for.


Thank you! I was going to talk to the contractor in the morning and definitely don’t want any bad blood since they are repairing the roof. I just wanted to see if it was possible to reduce the supplement or if it is too late once it is already in the works. Thanks for all of your help!


Hello! I have one more question, after speaking with my contractor I asked to receive a copy of the Itel report. They sent it to me and it said the siding currently on the house is discontinued, but there is a match for the original color and current color. How close does Itel come when matching the color? I am going to bring a sample to the building supply that carries the match for the current color, but just wanted some opinions on how accurate Itel is.


Personally, all I would count on Itel for is to let you know the siding is either still available or it isn’t. Aside from that, I would trust my own eye more than I would Itel.

I would question there is a match for the present color as I’m sure your siding has faded. It would be a fluke. There may be something out there that is “close enough” that the eye would not be able to tell the difference after it has been on for a few months. As the Homeowner, that is solely up to you to decide if you’re satisfied. However, if you’re not, that is no guarantee that your insurance will agree to pay for “matching”.


Authentic_Dad and others.

Thank you for all the information on supplementing. I am fairly new to the industry(about a year and a half) and have run into many issues with adjusters not paying for what needs paid for. I have, for the most part, eat the difference. But after reading this thread, I would like to learn more about supplementing and get paid what I deserve. The latest issue involves two jobs in the same area(within a mile of each other), same insurance company and same adjuster. The first job, she allowed 262.00 per square.(total allotment/# of squares). The second job, she approved $218.00 per square. Both roofs are single story and 3 tab shingles. Why would there be such a difference?


Based upon the information you provided, I have no idea. In order to tell, I’d have to look at the roof reports and scope of loss for each. It could be a difference in steep and high charges. Could be a difference in materials. Could be anything. Why don’t you just sit down and look at the two scopes and compare them side by side to see where the differences are at? Doesn’t sound like either one of them are that great at that pricing.


I absolutely love when the desk adjuster finally just says “just call back in until you get someone that will pay for it”! :joy:


Thank you for this post. Very informative. We are going through he same thing right now.


Great post AD!

I’m new here and this is my first post ever. I’ve been in the business since March 2016 and I gotta say that I love it!
I’m a sales rep for a company about 5 hours away from me. They have a temp office about 30 min from my area that I drop off paperwork at.
I have difficulty getting the owner to train me to use xactimate. Mostly because he’s really busy but I also suspect he doesn’t want me to learn too much.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for the information. I’ve found its difficult to self train due to inaccurate or sparse information out there these days. I recently attended a roofing manufacturer hosted class and learned a but about codes and they debunked certain issues like "you gotta have 3 or more trades to get o&p).


I agree, ITEL can be a waste of money


I am an attorney helping homeowners and contractors in Florida and New York. In Florida we are able to recover our legal fees from the insurance company when we prevail and will front the cost of pursuing the case including an engineer so that it’s no out of pocket money. We are able to hold the insurance companies’ feet to the fire since they have to respond to us within a certain time frame and produce claims handling documents.

You are correct that the benefit of the doubt goes to the policy holder. Insurance contracts are construed against the drafter, meaning that any ambiguities will be interpreted in the policy holder’s favor.


Man I’m having such a hard time on the claims in presidential declarations in insurance .a lot of tactics to control the loss.they are depretiation from60/90 percent .then the fair market value is out the window .some of these company’s are paying 209 ,216,234,282 ect 282 was the highest .i mean just down right sticking it to the contractor too .I’m currently in litigation with 5 claims ,with one co.but their all doing it is their a set standard of high low cost per sq.standard .because state farm is close to 320per wtf.what the he’ll is a fella suppose to do .not only going in the hole from expenses coverd material and labor but if I don’t cover my crews will go eles where


I ment keep them going my crews because it’s taking all my time fighting these co and not out in the field


I would like to know too! I started at my company as a office manager and now they just threw me into estimating and supplementing!


what about asking insurnace for 10% waste on drip edge, how should i argue that? Anyone??


Waste is already calculated in for drip edge.