"Insurance Specialist"


On my way to work this morning I passed a truck that had the following on the side of their truck in very large letters!
INSURANCE SPECIALIST - construction/roofing

What does this mean? Is this just a sneaky way to drum up business from someone who has an insurance claim?

What would make them specialist! Kinda seems like they may be going after customers who have a guaranteed payment???


There strategy is to “find” insurance claims on your house. The guys in my area will knock on random houses and ask to look over their house and try and find hail or wind damage. Then they get the home owner to sign a contract that states they will work exclusively with their company on the claim. Some of these guys are sleazy, and some are just specializing in an area.


Those are just called plain “storm chasers” in our area…


not always a storm chaser, but it IS always a marketing gimmick.


definately a marketing gimmick… Funny thing is half these guys that claim that dont know the first thing about dealing with an insurance company.

Hell… most of them are writing false invoices so the homeowners can keep money from their claims just so they can get the job. I dont know why in the world someone would risk tangling with the insurance companies just to make a small profit.

I cant wait to see what happens when state farm figures out the companies that are doing that crap.

Funniest thing about it… none of those companies are “stormers” they are all local guys that dont know how to work an insurance claim or write a line item estimate with current pricing.