Insurance saying INSTALL when it should be REPLACE

Allstate claim has a line item to INSTALL when it should be REPLACE. This is for 3 pipe flashings. They did include the REMOVE item! They are obviously trying to pay out less as INSTALL is about $8 cheaper per flashing to INSTALL than to REPLACE. Is there a good come back so they honor the REPLACE activity like they should?

If the entire roof is being replaced, the justification is that the pipe flashing, vent, or valley is interlaced with the shingles and felt paper, so when those are removed (like with forks or other tear off tools) there is no added labor. Xactimate price is $28.29 plus tax.

If the insurance was paying just for the pipe flashing to be replaced, then there would be additional labor for the slower more tedious work. Xactimate price is $34.32. But, . . . if they are only paying for the pipe flashing make sure you charge them for every shingle that touches the flashing, usually 6 to 8. Your justification for this is that those shingles only had four penetrations (one for each nail), now that each of these shingles would require an additional penetrations for the new nails, which is potentially a leak point, so they must pay to replace them. Xactimate price would then increase with 7 shingles to $142.43 for each flashing or vent. That can add up to some really good repair money.

Hope this helps.

God I am glad I don’t have to deal with insurace company’s on a regular basis.


They probably just made a mistake. Send in a supplement.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a mistake. It happened once before. I will try to get them to “correct” the situation but I do believe it was intentional.

Regardless, I appreciate you guys weighing in on this!

State Farm claims I am seeing will often have an item such as a Pipe Jack where they omit the R&R, thus saving the $7-$10 for removal. When addressed they say that it comes off with the tear off. Their tear off line price is xactimate pricing and the details for that item state that the tear off is for shingles and felt (nothing else is listed). They say this is a company policy. How do you go over the desk adjuster’s head?

I’ve had to deal with insurance claims on a limited basis. If you cant get that supplement easily approved, your customer has to fight for it. The insurance company really doesn’t care about you or owe you anything. Is it worth telling the customer you need $14 dollars to do the job? That is your question to ask.

You could push back and join the people fighting to get the insurance companies to operate and pay correctly. You would need a passion for it, and choose your battles wisely.

I believe the insurance company does that due to some pipe flashings are Lead or Copper and significantly different in cost. So a universal pipe flashing is $5-6 dollars. All the roofing codes anywhere demand is a flashing of any penetration which is covered by insurance companies stating install instead of replace. Home owner associations also have their own demands of appearance which can damage your cost fluctuations in policies. Any roofer in my opinion should not concern themselves with a pipe boot flashing regardless of type. A good roofer can flash anything without crippling their profit especially from a legitimate insurance claim.

Having the insurance companies take out the remove portion of roof vents, pipe jacks, etc. is rather common. Just another way they have of screwing the policy holder and contractor. It also is relatively small dollar amounts and may not be worth fighting. There are almost always many other items that are worth fighting over.