Insurance roof supplement and invoice

Hi everybody. I know this sounds funny but I am new to public adjusting (at least as an owner of a company)… I just opened an adjusting company (in Illinois) lately as an addition to my roofing business. I got approved on my first claim and just finished the roof. It’s a standard hip roof, the insurance company (Farmers) gave me the first check prior to starting work and the depreciation is recoverable as well as code upgrades are. I just don’t know how to write up the supplement for ice and water shield and how this goes with the invoice… is it on the same sheet? I would appreciate if somebody could show me an example of such a supplement…

I had that problem until I bought the 2015 IRC and with good pics and the codes, you’ll make a lot more money and teach the insurance companies the codes. They have to honor their O&L coverage or they will be acting in “bad faith “ call the supervisor call the department of insurance if ya have to!! Get the book. There’s a lot of profit in knowing the codes.

It also helps to know what the insurance companies have to do by law. They’re highly governed and lose their share of suits. Some of them try to cheat policy holders quite often.

Thank you. I know the city code calls for an ice & water shield… I am just trying to find out how a supplement and invoice look like. I mean technical stuff; it would help me if I saw some supplement to copy the format of it… Just not sure how to prepare it:/

Just add a line item to your invoice under Building Code/Paid When Incurred for RFG IWS (Ice & water barrier) in sf. Add the code for ice and water shield. It may be necessary to get a letter/email from the code superintendent for that municipality saying it is code adopted and enforced. No insult intended but it sounds like you’re fairly new to contracting as well. This kind of thing should be rather automatic.

Thank you. Sounds easy when you explained. I’ve had an exterior company for many years so I am def not new to contracting, it’s my first adjusting job though, I dont want to send them something stupid… :slight_smile: Thanks again!

I found IWS in the City Code and prepared the invoice… The only thing which I still don’t know is how much I should charge for the IWS… How does that work? I have 660 sq ft of it installed…

You charge the Xactimate rate for that market. It is priced per SF. Being a PA doesn’t have anything to do with being a contractor that does insurance work. If you do insurance work on any regular basis, you should know how to supplement. We supplement 95% plus of our jobs.

Thanks. Well, I told you I don’t have any experience with contracting ADJUSTING jobs because I just started it. I can find wind and hail damage but I dont have paperwork experience. What if I don’t have Xactimate yet…? Can I use some number?

You can use any number you wish to. Getting it paid is another thing altogether. The easiest way to be reasonably compensated is to supplement for the correct items (all of them) using the Xactimate rates for the local market.

Am i the only one who think’s some of these responses are a bit condescending???

It would first require that you be given credit for being able to think before one could comment.

Many times when people run into someone in their trade that knows way more than they do it can appear condescending. If they learn to put their ego aside they can learn and advance themselves.
I’d rather be “talked down to” than have smoke blown up my ass.